Seabed Dredging & Excavation
Seabed Dredging & Excavation

Seabed Dredging & Excavation

Dredging is the relocation of underwater sediments, sands and soils for the maintenance / construction of waterways, dikes and transportation infrastructures and for reclamation and soil improvements. Maritech has many years of combined experience in both Seabed Dredging & Marine Excavation works and is able to provide dedicated equipment, vessels & spreads to support this type of marine works (See Suction Dredger MV “Julie”.)

Maritech’s Dredging & Excavation Services include:

  • Pipeline and Cable Lowering
  • Pipeline and Cable De-Burial
  • Pipeline and Cable Protection
  • Seabed Preparation
  • Free-Span Rectification
  • Seabed Clearance

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