Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

The lifecycle of any offshore construction calls for subsea Support, Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR) services at every stage from installation to routine maintenance & repairs to decommissioning. Maritech can provide dedicated Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and construction support for Telecoms, Oil & Gas and the Renewable Energy sectors.

Maritech has a specialized fleet of service Vessels and Spreads able to be configured to perform IMR work. The vessels carry experienced offshore crew familiar with IMR operations. A dedicated project team of skilled engineers continuously work with operational planning and engineering of IMR operations.

Maritech can provide various IMR services – including:

  • Cable / Pipeline Inspections
  • Cable / Pipeline Repairs & Maintenance
  • Structural Inspections
  • Dive Inspections & Operations
  • WROV Inspections & Operations

Maritech is able to repair and maintain cable systems from the beach manhole onwards. The flexibility and resourcefulness of our personnel are often challenged in a constant state of change during a repair and maintenance operations. Every new opportunity is a challenge and it is ensured that the customer is satisfied with each call out for a repair operation. Maritech can tailor its repair and maintenance solutions according to each particular requirement.

Maritech has made several innovations in tailor-made equipment and developed a skilled workforce to serve the growing subsea maintenance and repair needs. Maritech is capable to develop tailor made technical solutions that are innovative, safe and efficient to most IMR requirements.