MPSV Ocean Surveyor

MPSV Ocean Surveyor


Multipurpose Platform Supply and ROV Support Vessel

With 5.228bhp and IMO Class 2 dynamic positioning systems, it is ideally suited for a wide range of roles in the subsea oil and telecommunications industries.

It has accommodation for a total of 40 personnel in one or two berth cabins with en-suite bathroom facilities. The accommodation is air conditioned with both warm and cold air supplies to each cabin for independent temperature control. All modern facilities are provided including an enlarged galley, mess room and coffee room to cater for the vessel’s complement. A recreation room with TV/Video/HiFi entertainment and a gymnasium are available for the use of all personnel.

The bridge is of a unique design having an operations room and ship’s office recessed into a half deck. The space available is maximized by offset positioning of a single exhaust trunking. This together with the large windows, provide excellent visibility from both the forward and the aft control positions and allows easy communication between the client personnel and ship’s bridge officers operations room.

To facilitate the ease of mobilizing and demobilizing of ROV systems, the forward areas of the cargo deck are clear of cargo piping, tank vents and access hatches, in order that a section of the crash barriers and bulwarks may be removed in a single section providing clear access to the ship’s side. Particular attention has been given to the motion characteristic by installing two large Flume stabilization tanks which are most effective in dampening the ships roll motion. This, and the high freeboard provide a safe relatively dry working deck.

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