CLV Ocean Link

CLV Ocean Link


DP-2 Cable Laying Vessel configured for subsea power cable installations and inter-array links

The OCEAN LINK is Maritech’s newest and largest addition to it’s Fleet. She is a DP-2 Cable Laying Vessel currently configured for worldwide operations in inter-array and subsea power cable installations. Additional facilities exist to accommodate smaller subsea cable installations including fiber optic cables. On-top of cable laying, the vessel is a fully modernized, very capable and well equipped multipurpose support vessel with the following key features:

1. Shallow Draft (4m Fully Loaded)
2. Efficient Cable Lay Spread & 3 x Cable Tanks (Turn-Tables)
3. Facilities to accommodate a WORK-CLASS ROV
4. Maneuverability & Station Keeping (11 x Thrusters & DP-2)
5. Deck Winches & Cranes
6. Modular Deck Spreads available for support work such as:
a.Pre Lay Grapnel Runs and Route Clearances (PLGR / RC)
b. ROV Support Platform (Deck Strengthened for LARS and W-ROV)
c. Route Surveys (Moon-Pool & Side Mounted equipment)
7. Accomodation for 45 + Crew with modernized amenities

She holds an extensive track record on a variety of diverse subsea cable installation projects and she is well known in the market as a reliable and efficient cable laying vessel, capable of handling challenging environmental conditions.

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