Posidonia Anchor Screws

Posidonia Anchor Screws

Posidonia Anchor Screws are an Environmentally Friendly way of secure a submarine cable / flexible line to the seabed in areas of protected seagrass / Posidonia. Posidonia Screws should be applied to any section of cable / flexible line that cannot be buried or trenched due to environmental restrictions, which effectively pin the cable / flexible line to the seabed, securing the cable and preventing future roving/ abrasion due to movements caused by ocean currents.

Maritech Divers have been trained according to guidelines by the Centre d'Océanologie de Marseille, for environmentally friendly installations of these Posidonia Screws in a constant effort to improve our Environmental Protection strategies.

Posidonia Anchors are tested post installation for their holding capacity which ranges from 200-300kg hold per Anchor Screw depending on seabed conditions.

posidonia screwposidonia screwposidonia screwposidonia screw

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