Assets - Overview

Defined by the nature of Maritech’s operations, all our vessels, assets & equipment spreads have been custom designed to serve our client’s subsea requirements and tailored to the services provided. Maritech both owns and has access to charter offshore support vessels & barges which can be outfitted and equipped for a multitude of work scopes.

Maritech strives to ensure all provided equipment spreads offer a safe and effective solution for our client’s projects, and the most appropriate fleet and equipment is used for every task.

Adding to the capability of supporting these types of operations, Maritech also maintains marine base facilities in Greece (Salamis Island), USA (Tarpon Springs, Florida), Turkey (Istanbul), Black Sea (Varna, Bulgaria), Libya (Tripoli).

Maritech’s extensive list of owned specialized equipment is summarized below:

  • Multipurpose Vessels, Modular Barges & Support Boats for Offshore Support, Survey’s & Installations
  • Hydraulic Modular Thrusters Systems with Kongsberg Dynamic Positioning Systems (Class I)
  • Subsea Trenchers
  • SKAS Series Submersible Jet Trenchers (1m-3m Post Lay Burial / 7 Units Available)
  • ΒΑΝΤΑΜ Burial Sled (2m Simultaneous Lay & Burial)
  • Trenching WROV (1m Burial)
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling Units (Up to 1000m)
  • Cable Handling Equipment
  • Linear Cable Engines (3WP & Belt Types)
  • Saddlebacks & Counters
  • Cable Quadrants
  • Rollers & Deflectors
  • Stern Chutes
  • Static Cable Tanks & Coiling Arms
  • Cable Brakes
  • Wireless Load Cells
  • Dive Spreads
  • IMCA Compliant Commercial Dive Spreads (Surface Supply & Scuba Replacement Spreads)
  • Decompression Chambers
  • Underwater construction tools
  • Underwater Detection Tools (Cable/Pipe Trackers, Diver Magnetometers etc)
  • Marine Survey (Up to 7000m)
  • Multibeams
  • Side Scan Sonars
  • Subbottom Profiling
  • Differential GPS Systems
  • Land Topographic Spreads