About us

Maritech is a privately owned & managed company tailored to provide safe, high quality, innovative services & technologies for subsea installations and marine works. With an extensive track record, Maritech provides an array of subsea services including turnkey Subsea Installations & Trenching, Survey & Seabed Mapping, Offshore Support & Diving Services, Inspection-Maintenance & Repair, Seabed Dredging & Excavation, HDD Installations and Engineering & Manufactured Products for subsea works.

Our strong portfolio of services, combined with our specialized fleet of vessels owned equipment & spreads, enables Maritech to provide cost-effective, tailored solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

We have extensive experience in the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, India, West/East Africa, and North / Central / South America (including the Caribbean) with over 85 countries of operations to date and offices in Greece, Turkey & USA.

Maritech’s upper management team includes a variety of offshore and marine experience from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. Committed to continual improvement of the quality and ability of our teams, our expertise and our fleet and equipment, Maritech ensures customer demands are met under even the most rigorous environments.

Maritech’s operations within a challenging industry spread around the world always maintain commitment to the health and safety of all people involved with is activities. We strive for providing a safe, incident free workplace and ensure high standards of environmental protection.

We are committed to delivering value to our clients’ projects, independently of size and scope of work ensuring that we achieve 100% customer satisfaction every time. This strategy revolves around our focus on achieving excellence with our advanced Project Management skills and Teams. Client satisfaction is a key measure of our success which we monitor at all times.